We have been helping businesses connect with their customers since 2018.

Read about how we started and have been growing with our clients ever since.

Adam and Steve working together.

Our mission is to offer solutions that enable a better connection between businesses and their customers.

"The story of Tech Devs really started in 2018 when the car dealership I worked at had their website refreshed by one of the UK’s leading automotive digital marketing agencies and it’s fair to say that what they produced was not great. After seeing the finished result I decided to mockup some ideas I had of my own and presented these to the directors who both agreed that the website would be redesigned as per my mockups.

The car dealership at this time had also just acquired a car service and repair workshop which did not yet have a website. I proposed that I could design and develop their new website, to which they agreed. This is where Steve our co-founder came in and Tech Devs was formed. When building the new car workshop website we explored many options and decided to use Webflow because it allowed us to design and develop simultaneously so that ideas could be rapidly brought to life. This decision together with it's power and scalability is why we still develop all of our websites using Webflow today.

However, building a website was not enough for us. We wanted to somehow link the service centre to its customers to provide access relevant and personalized information relating to the cars they owned at anytime on their smartphones. We had seen that large car manufacturers had started create customer apps that would link them to main dealers and provide information rating to their car but there was no solution for independent garages. That is why we created MyCars, a brandable progressive web app (PWA) that could be downloaded to customer smartphones and integrated into any car service website.

These first few years of spontaneous growth allowed us to clearly understand our vision. We would only concentrate on projects that allowed us to be agile, innovative and provide our clients with the best possible online presence that allows them to connect with their customers.

Since then we have expanded into other sectors including podiatry and now provide additional solutions such as Google Ads, Workspace, Cliniko, Virtual Tours, Drone Photography, Clothing and Signage."

Adam Fox


What's important to us.

When taking on a project these are the values we work to.

Cutting edge.

We are early adopters, the latest and greatest technology is what interests us. Be rest assured we will be using the best solution available when working on your project.

Simple solution.

No matter how complex the problem is the solution we provide should be simple and efficient for the business and customer to use.

Be agile.

Things change, ideas evolve, often mid project. We are adaptable and embrace change for good.

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