NMJ Service Centre

When we spoke to NMJ Service Centre they had just acquired their first workshop facility and had no online presence. Our brief was to create a website that represented the NMJ brand and for the first time allow customers to make bookings online.

Services employed
Custom Domain
Custom Emails
Domain Management
EMail Secutiry
Google MyBusiness
Google Workspace
Virtual Tours
Web Design
Light and dark mode themes for the NMJ Service Centre website.

Web Development

The decision was made to make the website look similar to the NMJ Motorhouse website - www.nmjmotorhouse.co.uk. They allowed the two to subtly link together whilst being two fundamentally separate websites respecting the legal structure of the company.

The traditional colours of NMJ have always been deep blue but recently the car sales website had been refreshed to feature a classy dark theme. We really couldn't decide which we liked more, so thought we would let the user choose. So now when a user visits the NMJ service centre website they will see a light or dark theme depending on the users theme settings on their phone or PC.

The NMJ booking and loyalty app.

Booking & Loyalty App

The MyCars app is integrated neatly into the NMJ Service Centre website. Users can add vehicles to their account to check when their MOT or servicing is due. NMJ can also upload offers that are exclusive to app users. We have also integrated the MOT checker widget onto the website.

Interactive virtual tour of the NMJ Service Centre waiting area and reception.

NMJ Service Centre Virtual Tour

During the pandemic it was really important to demonstrate that customers were entering a covid safe environment. We added a interactive virtual tour to their website to highlight safeguarding measures and show off the centres facilities.


We took photographs of the site rather than using stock photos for a more personal feel. We also created a 'Meet the Team' section and photographed the key members of the team to further enhance the personal feel.

Search Engine Business Listing

We listed NMJ Service centre on Google MyBusiness and Bing, this ensures that customers can easily find the when using map apps or voice assistants such as Google Assistant.


The whole purpose of having a website was to have an online presence therefore good SEO was essential. The NMJ Service Centre is currently the top organic listing when searching for car servicing in Edlesborough, where they are based.

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